Seaweedworks promotes the work of artists using seaweed as a sustainable material.

Seaweedworks x The Reykjavik EDITION

For Reykjavik Design March 2023 in association with The Reykjavik EDITION and The Embassy of France in Iceland, Seaweedworks presents the work of Tanguy Mélinand, graduate of fashion design at Geneve University of Art and Design, and 2022 winner of the Gold award for sustainable design at Yinger Prize.

Tanguy MélinandTanguy harvests seaweed from the ocean and then applies a unique preservation process before designing intricate garments with the material.
This will be seen in an installation at The Reykjavik Edition in a recreation of his Britanny work studio, showing a live work in progress as he creates his latest fashion piece using Icelandic seaweed.


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